Friday, September 22, 2017

Northern Star Council Training Page

ALL Cub Scout leader training is now available through the online learning portal at 
As new leaders begin to join your units, help them obtain both Youth Protection and other necessary 
training through this portal before leading their first den meeting. Training NOW aids retention AND 
Journey to Excellence success later!


Wood Badge Courses 

 Here is the link to a YouTube video explaining how to associate a BSA ID on MyScouting.

University of Scouting

Northern Star Council’s Spring University of Scouting is scheduled for April 22nd, 2017 

The best way to find your unit training records is on

 UTS Now Includes Training Records

Check your unit’s training records in the online Unit Toolbox System (UTS)! Each unit should have access 
to the UTS at Monthly updated training records for every 
registered unit adult are now part of this system. If there are errors in these records, send an email to listing the registered adult’s name, BSA ID, and record errors so that corrections can 
be made. This is an EXCELLENT way to track your unit’s Journey to Excellence progress!

SM's can get the unit info on 

Unit Training Records

This is a great time of year to take a few minutes to review the training records of all unit adults. Access
your unit’s training records at Plan Spring training needs based on courses

listed at and send any necessary record updates to Planning XX and updating this summer will allow your unit to focus on camping this fall while still meeting Journey to Excellence criteria. 

Youth Protection Training for Adults and Youth

All adult volunteers are expected to take Youth Protection Training upon registering with the BSA and renew the training every two years.  All new youth members should receive the age-appropriate youth training upon joining with previously trained youth members participating every two to three years as a refresher.  It is expected that every unit provides the opportunity for all members to participate in the Youth Protection Training this and every fall.  Resources are available for units to facilitate this training on the council and national web sites and include:

•   Youth Protection Training for Youth

•   Youth Protection Guidelines for Volunteer Leaders and Parents (available through BSA’s online learning center at: ).

•   Youth Protection Guidelines for Adult Venturing Leaders (available through BSA’s online learning center at: ).

•   Facilitator’s Guides for all Trainings Listed Above can be found at:

If a unit completes an in-person Youth Protection Training, they should submit the list of those attending to the council office on the form located at




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