Monday, August 21, 2017
Mustang District Advancement Contact Information

Please contact Bob Bassett  at:  for questions about advancement.

Scouts submitting Eagle Proposals should use the latest Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and email completed proposals to the email address above.  Scouts can save time by fully completing the Proposal, leaving no blanks, using complete sentences and sufficiently describing the project proposal components.  Units are encouraged to ensure the proposal is ready for final approval and that the proposed project sufficiently provides opportunity for scouts to "plan, develop and provide leadership" in the execution of the project.  Projects cannot be Fundraisers and cannot  for the benefit the Boy Scouts of America.  Scouts may explore projects to sufficiently complete the proposal but must not start executing before the proposal is fully approved.


2017 BSA Guide to Advancement Released

See link (above) to access the latest version.  A description of changes will be posted when available.

Latest Boy Scout Rank Requirements

The new requirements have been available at since May 2015 to allow unit leaders adequate time to plan the transition.  All Scouts MUST now use the new requirements regardless of rank.  This change went into effect, starting January 1, 2017.

A comparison of old to new requirements can be foundhere.  See Bryan on Scouting's blog on this topic for a good synopsis along with questions and answers.

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